Real Estate Agent Social Media Mistakes

Mistakes real estate agents make on social media

Your social media presence has a huge impact on your reputation as a real estate agent. Remember the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That saying is never more true than with social media. When someone lands on one of your social media pages, you have just a split second to impress them, or, turn them off.

Here are three of the top mistakes you do not want to make with your social media pages:

1. The Abandon Ship Mistake
Never leave a social media page online that you've abandon. Leaving old accounts online (those that haven't been posted to in 3 months or more) looks like you don't care and you're not on top of things.

2. The No Profile Mistake
The main purpose of having a social media presence is to provide visitors with a way to get in touch with you. Providing no website link or email contact (or worse yet - outdated information) on your social media platforms makes that impossible. Be sure to fill out your social media profiles with, at minimum, a current link to your website and a professional photograph or logo.

3. The “Nothing But Listings” Mistake
Posting only listing photos and/or open houses on your social media platforms severely limits the potential impact of your pages. Why? When you post only listings and open house photos, your page is only of value to your current clients. You're missing out on maintaining your former clients, and gaining future clients, by presenting a broad range of interesting, valuable content that appeals to a larger audience.

Do not neglect to make that first impression count! Keep your social media platforms up-to-date, post often, and offer content that is of value to a wide range of visitors.