Social Media and Real Estate Agents: Making Social Media a Routine

Real Estate Agents and Social Media

As a real estate professional you're busy! In the sea of all the things you have to do, consistently posting to your social media platforms can quickly fall by the wayside. But here are a few simple solutions to make social media a part of your everyday routine.

First, don't get overwhelmed by trying to post to every social media platform that's out there. Choose your favorite 3 or 4 and post to them regularly. Once you choose your platforms, download the apps and be sure you have a good working knowledge of how to use them. Next, get into a routine of posting to your platforms - like brushing your teeth. Posting to your platforms regularly is the key to success.

One more tip - be sure to let your clients, colleagues, friends, and family know about your social media presence. That means including your social media "handles" (or usernames) on all your company correspondence, including your emails.