Real Estate Agent Social Media Mistakes

Mistakes real estate agents make on social media

Your social media presence has a huge impact on your reputation as a real estate agent. Remember the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That saying is never more true than with social media. When someone lands on one of your social media pages, you have just a split second to impress them, or, turn them off.

Here are three of the top mistakes you do not want to make with your social media pages:

1. The Abandon Ship Mistake
Never leave a social media page online that you've abandon. Leaving old accounts online (those that haven't been posted to in 3 months or more) looks like you don't care and you're not on top of things.

2. The No Profile Mistake
The main purpose of having a social media presence is to provide visitors with a way to get in touch with you. Providing no website link or email contact (or worse yet - outdated information) on your social media platforms makes that impossible. Be sure to fill out your social media profiles with, at minimum, a current link to your website and a professional photograph or logo.

3. The “Nothing But Listings” Mistake
Posting only listing photos and/or open houses on your social media platforms severely limits the potential impact of your pages. Why? When you post only listings and open house photos, your page is only of value to your current clients. You're missing out on maintaining your former clients, and gaining future clients, by presenting a broad range of interesting, valuable content that appeals to a larger audience.

Do not neglect to make that first impression count! Keep your social media platforms up-to-date, post often, and offer content that is of value to a wide range of visitors.

Why and How Real Estate Agents Should and Can Find a Niche


I recently posted an infographic on Instagram asking real estate agents the question: “What's Your Niche?” I was surprised by the number of likes the post received. I'm not sure if that's due to the fact that so many real estate agents have a niche - an area of real estate they specialize in. Or, because many real estate agents don't know what their niche is - but would like to find one.

Either way, having a niche in real estate can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Having a niche gives you the opportunity to become an authority in a specific area of real estate giving you knowledge and expertise that other agents may not have.
  • Your expertise in a specific area of real estate instills confidence in your clients that you can deliver results that other agents may not be able to.
  • You know exactly who your clients are and you can narrow your marketing focus to capture those clients as opposed to spreading your marketing efforts over a broad spectrum.
  • Your expertise in a specific niche can open up other opportunities such as lecturing, offering webinars, and consulting - thus increasing your revenue and exposure.
  • There may be less competition in a specialized niche. There are surely dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of other agents in your area. Becoming an expert in a certain niche area may eliminate much of that competition.

How do you go about choosing the right niche for you?

  • First, explore all the different possible areas of real estate you could specialize in.
  • Next, do your research. Which niches are in demand in your area and which ones are the most lucrative?
  • Finally, consider what niche would best fit your lifestyle, your skill set, and your interests.

How do you transition into a niche market?

  • Accept the fact that it may take time but be willing to stick with it.
  • Gain as much knowledge, experience, and expertise in your niche as possible.
  • Brand yourself. Consistently and clearly let everyone know what your niche is. Include it on your website, business correspondence, and social media presence.

All the best in finding your niche!

How Real Estate Professionals Can Maintain a Relationship with Former Clients Through Social Media

Real Estate Agents and Social Media

As a real estate professional maintaining your relationship with former clients is important and social media is one of the best ways to do that. According to the National Association of Realtors® 73% of home buyers said they would use the same real estate agent again for a future home purchase or sale. Former clients are also a valuable source of referrals.

However, in order to keep your former clients interested in your social media platforms, your content must consist of more than just photos of your listings. Here are a few ideas to keep your content interesting and engaging for your current, as well as, your former clients:

  • Informative Content. As a professional in the field, be the source of reliable information on the real estate market.
  • Content Beyond Real Estate. Post about home related information beyond real estate, such as home improvement and interior design ideas.
  • Inspirational Content. Quotations, sayings, and inspirational images are hugely popular on social media and always a good source of engagement.
  • Interactive Content. Interactive content consists of trivia questions, surveys, polls, quizzes, giveaways, and free downloads. 
  • Humorous Content. They say laughter is the best medicine and it's also one of the best types of social media content. (Keep it tasteful and respectful of course).
  • Curated Content. Curated content is sharing content that is not original to you, but comes from other sources. Make it a habit of linking to good quality curated content.

The key to maintaining a relationship with former clients through your social media platforms is to provide content that is valuable, engaging, and interesting to them. Then, when it comes time to buy or sell again or refer a friend or family member - you'll be the first person they think of.

Social Media and Real Estate Agents: Making Social Media a Routine

Real Estate Agents and Social Media

As a real estate professional you're busy! In the sea of all the things you have to do, consistently posting to your social media platforms can quickly fall by the wayside. But here are a few simple solutions to make social media a part of your everyday routine.

First, don't get overwhelmed by trying to post to every social media platform that's out there. Choose your favorite 3 or 4 and post to them regularly. Once you choose your platforms, download the apps and be sure you have a good working knowledge of how to use them. Next, get into a routine of posting to your platforms - like brushing your teeth. Posting to your platforms regularly is the key to success.

One more tip - be sure to let your clients, colleagues, friends, and family know about your social media presence. That means including your social media "handles" (or usernames) on all your company correspondence, including your emails.

Why Should Real Estate Professionals Utilize Social Media?

Social Media and Real Estate Agents

Social media is all about forming connections! And as a real estate professional you know how important connections are. In today's world, social media not only cultivates connections, it has become "the" way to maintain those connections.

If you think of your social media presence as one more thing you have to do, it's always going to seem like an arduous task. However, if you begin to think of your social media presence as your link to other people and their link back to you - it will become an invaluable tool you can no longer afford to do without.

Why should you, as a real estate professional, utilize social media? Simple, successful businesses are built on connections to people - and in today's world social media is the foundation to build those connections upon.